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[31 Aug 2005|03:39pm]

Has it occured to anyone else that it is easier to make really good, simple music when your name is Ben?

I'm considering changing my name.
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Kokomo [04 Feb 2005|09:59pm]

Does anyone know where I can get a free download of the Ben Kweller/Adam Green version of Kokomo? Thanks
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[21 Jan 2005|10:11pm]

[ mood | spastic ]

wake up wake up wake up silly community!!!!
Guess who has a new album coming out Feb. 22nd??
our very own ben lee!! Go here to listen to his new single
Catch My Disease

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[09 Jan 2005|05:41pm]
I don't know how many people even watch this community anymore, but The Bens released a version of the song "Wicked Little Town" for Wig in a Box: Songs from and Inspired by Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It's not under The Bens, when you search, though. It's under Ben Kweller, Ben Folds and Ben Lee. On Amazon, it lists it as just Ben Folds, but it's obvious BK is singing. So yeah. Check it out.
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looking in the rear view nothing back there scares you [01 Oct 2004|11:54pm]

[ mood | content ]

does anyone else love how ben kweller sings the line "dont shoot me!" with such dismay in xfire?
it makes me laugh every time !
ps. i am glad someone made a bens communitY ! last time i thought about it i couldnt find one.
OH NO !!!!!!
catch ya later

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[19 Aug 2004|11:03pm]

[ mood | sore ]

i am going to the ben kweller concert on the 26th at downtown disney....yippie....

i love the new cd its amazing!!!what do you guys think about it?

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[26 Jul 2004|06:13pm]

the bens are awesome. this is my second community. uhh.. word.

i made my friend join too.
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[22 Jul 2004|04:22pm]

any body from Chapel Hill NC or close by in here?
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[15 Jul 2004|01:31am]

Free Boston Ben Kweller Show.

A quick annoucement to anyone in the Massachusetts area.

July 22nd.
TT and the Bears.
Free with an FNX member card.
You can get a card at the FNX website.
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new kiddie... [03 Jul 2004|11:20pm]

Hey all....
just wonderin if any of you guys are gonna go to the ben folds show in New jersey on monday.
If so lemme know cus i just moved here and know where nothing is and no one...
rock on
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[24 Jun 2004|04:15am]

hey, I made a Ben Lee community.

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[08 May 2004|06:26pm]
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Mcgowan show! [20 Apr 2004|04:11am]

Mcgowan is playing a show while he's in town recording with Ben Lee.

If you can, come check it out.

Wednesday, April 28th, 2004 10:30 PM
Hotel Cafe
1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd
(a block-ish North of Amoeba Records)
Hollywood, CA
Price: $?

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For Sale! [15 Apr 2004|03:58pm]

1 ticket

Ben Kweller
H.O.B. Anaheim
Saturday, May 15

Let me know.
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bk @ the troc [13 Apr 2004|03:30pm]

[ mood | good ]

saw ben kweller last night at the trocadero in philly.
amazing show, he has so much energy!
he played all the great songs from both cds and he did awesome covers of ice ice baby and two metallica songs.
it was great...my friend took pictures, and i will post them when i get them.
♥ alyson

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[12 Apr 2004|03:46pm]

anyone go to the show at pearl street [northampton, mass] last monday?
this girl took a picture of my friends and i, i've been trying to find her to see if she still had it to send to me.

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x-posted, sorry! [08 Apr 2004|10:49am]

a vote for ben is a vote for freedom!

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<3 ben love [17 Mar 2004|04:15am]

[ mood | okay ]

hi, im new...
i love all the bens, but i think my favorite is ben folds, just because i've loved his music for quite awhile...but the other bens are very very close!
i saw & met ben lee when he opened for phantom planet in philadelphia. i thought he did a great set, all the songs i wanted to hear, and he covered christina aguilera's "beautiful" and did some pretty funny jokes on stage. i met him and he signed my cd and he was so adorable!
i'm also seeing ben kweller with deathcab for cutie in april!! im really excited for that, i heard he has great energy live =)
i just bought the bens ep a few weeks ago and i think its awesome! i can't really pick a favorite song because they're all so different and wonderful in their own ways. im not really sure if they will, but it would be awesome if they ever toured the US.
♥ alyson

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[14 Mar 2004|07:30pm]

i love ben kweller. yes.
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[02 Mar 2004|05:54pm]

AHH! BK = DA MAN! I'm goin' to see him March 30th!
The Bens are thee most genius collaboration ever.
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